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Since our new website is about hair, food and lifestyle. Let’s kick off the discussion with a topic about our hair.

Got a question for you…

What are your thoughts on the growing popularity to “go natural”? Is it a trend, a fad, a revolution? Or simply African-American women making a conscientious and informed decision to eliminate the harsh chemicals found in relaxers and other traditional hair care products?

Since returning to my naturally textured hair in February 2011, I’ve noticed more women from various age groups and backgrounds wearing their hair in its natural state. They’re  saying “no more” to chemicals that are damaging to their hair (and health) and replacing the dangerous products with safer alternatives. Just look around…magazine ads, TV commercials, local retailers, models, actresses and even corporate offices, natural hair is everywhere! (Oh that rhymes). It’s becoming the norm versus the exception. Have you noticed too? Personally, I don’t think it’s a fad or a movement. It’s who we are –  a community of women embracing our beautifully textured hair.

Now, make no mistake, it’s definitely a process. One doesn’t wake up on a Sunday morning and say “I think I’ll go natural today.” Transitioning from chemically processed hair to the stripped down, naked, God-given version is not an easy task (I can attest to that!). Everyone approaches the process differently but it typically starts in our minds – with a thought. We’ll discuss the transitioning process in a later post. But just know this – patience is key. Stick a pin in that and we’ll tackle that topic real soon.

Ok,  here’s my very simple take on what it means to “go natural”…

To remove all traces of chemicals used to straighten African-American hair and allow the virgin, child-like hair to grow healthy and do its own thing  – at its own pace.

Some ladies decide to remove the chemicals in one swoop (the big chop) or allow the chemicals to grow out gradually (transitioning) while wearing roller-sets, wigs, weave, extensions, etc. Some decide to forego only the relaxer and still use commercial dyes. These are all very personal decisions.  One size does not fit all in this case.

I found in my research, forums and just talking to people, when someone says “I’m going natural”, it typically means relaxer-free. The chemicals used to straighten the hair are removed and no longer part of their hair care regimen. Women are regaining control of their hair care choices and ultimately deciding to live a healthier lifestyle.

So what do you think? I’d love to hear from you! Leave your comments below. Also, for more in-depth conversations, join the discussions in the forum. 

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Always aim 4 natural!


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Ladies, in your opinion, what does it mean to “go natural” as it relates to YOUR specific journey?