As Mother’s Day approaches, I am reminded of this song by Shirley Ceasar playing in our home on many occasions. My sister and I would often request money or some other form of “reward” whenever my mom asked us to do ANYTHING. Helping out around the house, getting good grades, putting away the groceries, etc. We always expected something for our “hard work”.

“Fourteen seventy-five”! She sang with such emphasis as the record played on the stereo. My mom loved this song and as I became an adult and had a child of my own, I grew to love it as well. I still get emotional when I hear Pastor Ceasar’s heart-warming, inspiration voice flow through the speakers. I hope it resonates with your family as it did with mine. By the way, my mom still has the 45!

We Love You Ma,

Your daughters, Dionne & Iris

All that I am or hope to be, I owe it to my Angel Mother.

President Abraham Lincoln