She was the woman who prayed her wings were gonna fit her well.

As the world celebrates and remembers this extraordinary icon we call Dr. Angelou – I want to give a special tribute in her honor. I respected this woman for her eloquence and grace; wisdom, compassion for others, candidness, creativity and ability to overcome life’s challenges. I also loved her voice and ability to speak with such articulation, authority, confidence and wisdom.

She was that woman who told us she wouldn’t take nothing for her journey now, she told us that all God’s children needed traveling shoes, she knew why the caged birds sang, she encouraged us all to be phenomenal women. She wanted us to gather together in her name and what did she tell us? “I shall not be moved!”

Aim 4 Natural Maya Angelou Remembered


I was first introduced to her literary excellence as a teenager. I remember reading her books and poems many times until I had most of them memorized. Now as an adult, my personal library is filled with her famous memoirs, poems and photos.

Although I never considered myself a writer, I always tried to write poems that would express my feelings and emotions the way she did. Her stories were real and transparent. She shared with us her inner-most thoughts, fears, challenges and victories. She was very descriptive in her writings and painted a clear picture of her journey along the way. She was my inspiration, motivator and mentor.

I’ll truly miss her.

Dr. Angelou, your wings fit you just fine.


In the videos below, Dr. Angelou recites her poem And Still I Rise (one of my favorites). She also tells us how Love Liberates.


And Still I Rise

Love Liberates


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