Juicing fresh fruits and veggies is something I try to do regularly. The vitamins and nutrients contained in my favorite produce combinations are essential for overall health and wellness.  My primary reason for choosing this natural juice option was to increase my energy level, improve my skin’s elasticity and give my digestive system a boost. Little did I know, there were other great benefits to juicing. Sara Ding of JuicingforHealth.com has a wealth of information on her website. She dedicates an entire page on juicing to address certain health conditions:

Sara also shares the 10 important things to know before you start juicing. Topics include:

  • Evaluating your current health situation
  • What to expect when improving your diet
  • Best time to drink fresh fruit juices…and more.

Great information if you’re looking to improve your health naturally. My juicing technique is simple. I start with a base of carrots and oranges. I then add spinach (of course), kale, pears, apples, grapes or whatever I have on hand at the time (except pitted fruit like plums and peaches). I place everything whole into the juicer without removing the stems, cores or seeds. The high-power juicer does all the work – leaving behind a delicious and nutritious beverage. If I decide to have a smoothie later in the day, I’ll save the pulp and add it to the mix for extra fiber, texture and nutrients; this eliminates any waste. However, this is a personal choice. Some people reuse the pulp – others do not. If you decide to reuse the pulp after juicing, here are a few recipes from justjuice.org.


So here’s my juicer. I know –  it looks big and scary but it’s actually very quiet and easy to clean. You can find it at the A4N Favorite Picks Store or your local retailer.

Aim 4 Natural Juicer

I thoroughly washed the fruits and veggies before placing them in the juicer (I peeled the oranges and forget to include them in this pics).  

Aim 4 Natural Fruits n veges bowl I started with the pears and here’s the extracted juice. 

Aim 4 Natural juicing pears


And here’s the finished beverage after all the fruits and veggies have passed through the juicer. 

Aim 4 Natural Juicing Fruits n Veges Aim 4 Natural Juicing Fruits n Veges top view

 Now it’s your turn. Let’s take a poll.

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