Natural Oils and Herbs

Natural Oils
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Argan Oil – Rich in Omega 3 and Omega 9. Omega 3 helps to prevent hair loss while Omega 9 repairs damaged hair follicles.  Also helps to prevent split ends, reduces frizz, and is great for dry hair. Leaves the hair feeling soft

Avocado Oil – Stimulates hair growth. Nourishes and restores softness to dry, dehydrated and mature hair

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil – Great for nourishing the hair. Gives hair a healthy shine

Extra Virgin Olive Oil –Locks in moisture and lubricates the hair cuticles. Great for dry hair that is relaxed or natural

Castor Oil – Thickens and promotes hair growth. Coats the hair shaft and seals in moisture.

Jojoba Oil – Absorbs quickly and easily into the skin and hair. Has no toxic properties and non-allergenic.

Rosemary Oil – Stimulates follicles, slows down premature hair loss, controls dandruff and stimulates blood circulation of the scalp.  Gives hair luster, softens split ends, and makes the hair more manageable.

Sweet Almond Oil – Rich in vitamins A, B1, B6 and E including Vitamin B complex. Vitamin B6 – shown to promote hair growth. Also, rich in magnesium, a mineral that is necessary to maintain hair growth.

Vitamin E Oil – Great for dry hair and scalp. Helps to prevent premature graying of hair and split-ends.


Herbs for various hair conditions*

Revitalizing Herbs

Conditioning Herbs


Dry Hair HerbsDry Hair Herbs


Oily Hair Herbs

*Purchase herbs from your local health food store or Google “natural herb vendors”